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Air Vent Hidden Wall Safe

Air Vent Hidden Wall Safe

Air Vent Hidden Wall Safe

A professional burglar or even just an amateur snooper will always be able to to find a big safe sitting in a room and probably the wall safe hiding behind the oil painting, but it's quite possible they'll never notice this cool new Air Vent Hidden Wall Safe hiding right in plain sight. Just about every home has these exact same return air vents on the walls, except this one hides a secret compartment inside to stash away whatever you wish. It installs easily in between standard wall studs, has an air vent cover that attaches with strong magnets for easy access or screws for more security, and has a stealth false wall in case someone looks directly into the vent. This also makes a great long term prank on future homeowners by leaving something really weird or mysterious in there for them to discover one day.

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  • Fool criminals and keep your valuables safe
  • Secures Jewelry, Valuables, Cash, etc.
  • Safely hides your values in plain sight while keeping them easily accessible
  • Stealth false wall behind grille blocks sight of stored items even when looking directly into vent
  • Wall safe discretely hides behind a standard air register / vent cover
  • Makes access to your items simple, but in the last place anyone would look
  • Vent cover looks identical to the standard ones inside most homes
  • Cover secures with included magnets (simple access) or included screws (more security)
  • Do-it-yourself installation with no special tool
  • Paintable Grill To Match Your Interior Design
  • Fits in between standard studs
  • Made in the USA

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