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Dollar Sign Money Bags

Dollar Sign Money Bags

Dollar Sign Money Bags

In real life, you never usually see money bags with an actual dollar sign printed on the side of them like in every cartoon, comic book, movie, and board game. Well, they actually exist! These cool new Dollar Sign Money Bags are the ultimate in whimsical yet heavy-duty coin and currency storage or for transporting to the bank or your secret treasure vault. They're made from tough natural cotton canvas with double stitched seams and are imprinted with a big "$" in black ink on the side. Now there's no way you'll ever mistake your huge pile of money bags with your bags of gold, bags of silver, and bags of diamonds and jewels ever again.

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  • Canvas Bank Deposit Bag
  • Imprinted with a "$" in black ink
  • Economical bag for coin transport
  • Made of 10 oz. cotton canvas with double stitched seams
  • Tough natural fiber: Long lasting and durable
  • Size: 12" x 19"

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