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DrivewaySpikes - Fake Rubber Spikes To Deter U-Turns and Unwanted Vehicles

DrivewaySpikes - Fake Rubber Spikes To Deter U-Turns and Unwanted Vehicles

DrivewaySpikes - Fake Rubber Spikes To Deter U-Turns and Unwanted Vehicles

Does your home seem to attract a lot of unwanted vehicles in your driveway doing U-turns? Then check out these cool new DrivewaySpikes. These highly realistic fake rubber spikes are designed to deter vehicles from entering your driveway, yet are completely harmless to drive over for those that know the secret. The rubber spikes simply bend over as they are driven over and pop right back up after. These heavy duty driveway deterrents are made from recycled rubber tires and feature reflective yellow markings to alert drivers at night, high visibility 3" tall faux rubber spikes, and weigh a hefty 3 pounds each. Perfect for homes, private / closed properties, restaurants, hospitals, claiming parking spaces, pranks, and more and are a much cheaper and easier alternative to gates, fences, and chains. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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  • Fake rubber spikes stop vehicles from doing U-turns in your driveway
  • Discourages unwanted vehicles from entering your driveway
  • Will not damage tires - Drive on or over them
  • Recycled rubber base with molded rubber spikes
  • Made from of recycled rubber tires - long-lasting, strong, and effective
  • Shaped to imitate sharp, metal spikes
  • Reflective yellow markings to alert drivers at night
  • 1" Thick base
  • 3" Rubber spikes
  • No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home
  • Spikes do not contain any metal and will not damage tires or other parts of your vehicle
  • When a vehicle runs over Drivewayspikes, the tire will bend the spike down
  • Spikes pop back up into place after a vehicle has passed over it
  • Cost effective alternative to electric gates, fence gates, chains, ropes, and more
  • Easy to use - Just place near the end of your driveway
  • Also good for restaurants, night clubs, hospital parking, private / closed properties, and more

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