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Super Mario Chain Chomp Desk Lamp

Super Mario Chain Chomp Desk Lamp

Super Mario Chain Chomp Desk Lamp

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If your current desk lamp is functional, but not really all that interesting to look at, then you might want to check out this cool new Chain Chomp Lamp. Apparently, someone was playing either Super Mario Bros. 3 or any other Mario game after it and thought that those voracious Chain Chomp guards would make great desk lamps if they were shrunk down and had an LED bulb inserted into their fanged mouths... and they were right. There's no need to power-up with a StarMan or keep a Koopa Shell close by when you sit down next to this super bitey ball and chain, because its chain that keeps it in check is welded in place. Check out the video below to see the history of this notorious Mushroom Kingdom villain.

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