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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting

Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting

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Whatever hoity-toity painting you may have hanging on your wall needs to come down immediately and this cool new painting called Boo's Place by James Bit needs to replace it. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary oil painting of an old decrepit house in the autumn months, but look closer and you'll see that it's infested with little Boo ghosts from the Super Mario games. Yep, this repurposed painting is juxtaposed with little 8-bit video game ghosts on top to make it truly avant-garde. A true modern day artist should paint in both oils and pixels. Hilarious yet evocative.

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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
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