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Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clock

Writing in cursive, handwriting in general, vocally communicating, navigating with paper maps, spelling things without spell check, doing math in our heads, writing checks, ordering food for delivery via a phone call, and telling time with an analog clock are just a few examples of the many, many, many skills we are all forgetting how to do. It's obviously too late for the human race, so if your phone fails to remind you of what to do next, like stand up or breathe, now you can at least read the time on this cool new yet very old school inspired Digital Wall Clock.

Quit wondering and worrying about what the different hands spinning around the clock face mean on a traditional analog wall clock and understand instantly in a simpler, more minimalist way with a wall clock that displays the time digitally with a simple clap of your hands. Yep, it's sound-activated. It even displays the date and current temperature and has a built in alarm clock too. When not telling time, this decorative wood disk stays blank, just like our minds while snapping selfies in a self-driving car while plunging off a cliff.

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  • Designer: Gingko Electronics
  • A modern, minimal, and digital alternative to the conventional analog wall clock
  • Tells time with a clap of the hands
  • Displays time, date and temperature alternately
  • Sound activated display or permanent display settings
  • Contemporary design straddles the line between modern and traditional
  • Floating disk lights up with the time by clapping or clicking your fingers and the time magically disappears when quiet
  • 3 different alarms setting with clever snooze function
  • 5/7 days alarm settings
  • Automatic dimmer function (the clock will dim 2/3 automatically between 21:00 -7:00)
  • 12/24 Hours or Celsius/Fahrenheit format can be selected
  • Power supply: 2500mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery for a WIRE-FREE display
  • Size: 9.8" Diameter x 1.5" D

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