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Dusk Wall Clock - Changes Shades As Time Goes By

Dusk Wall Clock - Changes Shades As Time Goes By

Sure you could just look out the window to see if the sun is up or not or just make an educated guess based on the time, but now you can simply look at this cool new Dusk Wall Clock from Allocacoc. This unique wall clock / wall art from designer Lu Yicong uses two rotating polarized acrylic disks for the face that magically change gradients as the day goes by from light transparent grey in the morning to dark opaque black at night. Best of all, this dusk til dawn clock is super quiet and non-ticking. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action... if you have the time.


  • Designer: Lu Yicong
  • Gradient-Changing: Adjusts its color and transparency as the day goes by from light gray to opaque black
  • In the morning, it’s a light, transparent gray which gradually darkens to opaque black by nightfall
  • Made from two disks of polarized acrylic that slowly turn with the clock’s movement
  • Non-Ticking
  • A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn
  • Timeless design in a basic form
  • Size: 12" Diameter

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