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Hang-Up Notebooks

Hang-Up Notebooks

Hang-Up Notebooks

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When it comes to shopping and to do lists, reminders, and jotting down ideas as they strike, I prefer physically writing things down on actual paper rather. The act of writing something down not only sticks in your mind better, it's also way more satisfying and motivating when crossing something off a list. If you're like me, then check out these cool new Hang-Up Notebooks from Suck UK. Available in either a standard A5 size or an XL A2 size (a great whiteboard alternative), these handy wall hanging spiral notebooks stay in plain sight, have a title notch that is always visible, have tear out perforated sheets for taking lists on the go, are ruled in gray with a subtle grid background, and can be flipped over to reveal plain paper on the reverse side. If anyone wants to know, I also carry around one of these cheap Pocket Notepads with a tiny golf pencil attached with a rubber band when I'm out an about, because you never know when inspiration hits you like a thunderbolt.


  • Notebooks made to hang on your wall
  • Keep track of ideas, jot down reminders, use as a weekly menu planner, make shopping or to do lists, or simply hanging right where you left it when inspiration strikes!
  • Hang up your notes in plain sight
  • Easy tear out sheets for lists etc
  • Stash a pen or pencil behind the hanger
  • Title is always visible in the notch
  • Ruled in grey with subtle grid background
  • Hang-Up XL is ruled with double spacing
  • Use Hang-Up XL instead of a whiteboard
  • Use multiple A5 Hang-Up Notebooks to keep track of multiple projects
  • Prefer plain paper? Flip and use the reverse
  • Spiral bound notepads with a wire wall hanger
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • A5 Notepad Size: 5.8" x 8.2" - 100 sheets
  • A2 XL Notepad Size: 16.5" x 23.4" - 50 sheets

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