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Bloem Herb Trio - Vertical Three Tier Wall Planter

Bloem Herb Trio - Vertical Three Tier Wall Planter

Bloem Herb Trio - Vertical Three Tier Wall Planter

This cool new Bloem Herb Trio is a rustic vertical wall planter with a trio of small pots against a real wood backboard. It features three removable pots, each with an oval chalkboard label, self-watering disks in the base of the pots that supply consistent moisture and aeration to the roots, and a Platanifolia wood backing. It's perfect for growing fresh herbs in the kitchen or other small plants like ivy, ferns, succulents, and more.

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  • Expand your garden indoors with this vertical three tier wall planter
  • Perfect for growing herbs indoors so you can enjoy the freshest ingredients all year long
  • Three hanging wall planters with brackets and oval chalkboard labels
  • This rustic herb kit comes with a real wood back
  • The planters can easily be removed as needed
  • Self-watering disk creates water reservoir chambers that keep plants healthy by supplying consistent moisture and aeration to roots
  • Comes with three 6" Ariana planters in black
  • All planters feature a sealed bottom to prevent water leakage
  • Write the name of your herbs on the planter chalkboard holders
  • Includes mounting hardware (two screws) and two wall anchors for quick and easy installation
  • Small plants, herbs, succulents, ivy, and ferns are perfect for this hanging garden
  • Capacity: 192oz
  • Materials: Platanifolia wood, steel, plastic
  • Each pot holds 2 dry quarts of potting mix
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 8.5" W x 30" H x 7"D

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