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Vertical Indoor Wall Planter With Galvanized Steel Pots

Vertical Indoor Wall Planter With Galvanized Steel Pots

Transform a wall in your home or kitchen into living art when you hang these cool new Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planters. These unique handmade vertical planters each have three galvanized steel pots with removable plastic liners that are perfect for growing fresh herbs, small plants and succulents, or can even be used as a handy catch-all for small items like keys, coins, and more.The steel pots are attached to a solid reclaimed wood panel with a writable and erasable chalk paint finish (chalk included). Way cooler than the typical boring old hanging fern.


  • Grow your garden year round with the Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter
  • 3 attached galvanized steel pots per panel with included removable plastic liners
  • Write and erase directly on the surface with drawing chalk (included)
  • Fill your kitchen with fresh herbs all year round or fill them with your favorite house plants
  • Use for plants, utensils, or as an entryway catch all for keys and mail
  • One row of 3 pots
  • Handmade with solid reclaimed wood and galvanized steel
  • Size: 24" L x 6" W x 5" D

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