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Creepy Skull Twig Stems

Creepy Skull Twig Stems

Creepy Skull Twig Stems

When it comes to Halloween decorations, sometimes subtle is better than startling, and that's exactly what you get when you decorate with these cool new Skull Twig Stems. At first glance, these floral stems may look like dried seed pods, but a closer look reveals them to be creepy little skulls that look to have been screaming when they cut picked. Perfect for adding to a floral bouquet of roses with their heads clipped off. They come in a set of six.

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  • Set of 6 Skull Twig Stems
  • Gruesome boo-quet
  • Floral stems featuring tiny, subtle skulls
  • Skulls have organic, lifelike look and feel
  • What seem, at first, to be dried seedpods are actually tiny skulls
  • So subtle, they make the most delightfully morbid discovery in your Halloween tablescape
  • Stems wired to adjust at your discretion
  • Rubber-like EVA/wire construction
  • Size: 28" L x 3.75" W x 2.25" H

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