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Inflatable Jetpack Costume

Inflatable Jetpack Costume

Inflatable Jetpack Costume

Rise up above the Halloween party or just stand out at a jetpack enthusiast convention with this cool new Jetpack Pick Me Up Inflatable Costume from Morph Costumes. This double-take-inducing inflatable costume creates the illusion that you're hovering above the ground with a jetpack strapped on your back. While the top half of your body fills out the shirt of the jetpack wearer, your legs are hidden away in the fiery exhaust coming off the engines in the back. Faux inflated legs then dangle on the front. Just step into the costume, zip it all up, and turn on the built-in fan to inflate the whole thing in seconds. Unfortunately, the fan isn't strong enough to generate actual liftoff.

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  • Jetpack Pick Me Up Inflatable Costume
  • Official Morph Costumes inflatable costume
  • 100% Polyester
  • Built-in air pump
  • One Size fits most

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