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Life-Size Animated Grinch

Life-Size Animated Grinch

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If I lived in a town full of obnoxious, overly festive WHOs who decide to spend all day, every day, singing, dancing, feasting, and bulling anyone not part of their collective cult of excessive faux holiday happiness, then I would probably flee to a quiet mountain cave too. Now, if these looney WHOs decided to hire a baritone singer to belt out harmonious insults and embarrassing private health details about me through loudspeakers directed at my mountain, then I would probably plot revenge and go steal their Christmas as well.

Anyways, Mr. Grinch, a misunderstood hero who was pushed too far, can finally escape from his cave atop Mt. Crumpit and the never-ending pretentious overblown holiday spirit erupting out of Whoville day and night to come stay at your home this holiday season for some much needed peace and quiet. This cool new Life-Sized Animated Grinch stands 5.5 feet tall, comes dressed in a soft, plush Santa suit and when it detects motion or a button is pushed, it sings the "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" song, speaks famous Grinch phrases, turns his head, and sways his hips from side to side. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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