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Massive Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Massive Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Massive Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

If your front lawn is missing that certain decorative statement piece this holiday season or you just have a truly monstrous-sized Christmas tree to decorate, then check out these cool new Oversized Yard Ornaments. These massive outdoor ball ornaments stand almost 3 feet tall, are made of durable, all-weather resin unlike the tiny fragile indoor ones, and are hand-painted in festive patterns and bold, vibrant colors. Each is sold individually, but all three together make quite the merry trio.

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  • Oversized Christmas Ornament holiday season lawn accent
  • The cutest way to super-size the holiday cheer
  • Looks like a giant glossy version of a glass Christmas tree ornament, down to its gold top - but it's made from resilient resin
  • Hand-painted in bold graphic designs in vibrant colors
  • Looks perfect resting on snow, grass, porch, or patio as a statement-making pop of color
  • All-weather resin lasts winters
  • Sits tilted for added fun
  • Arrives ready to display
  • Size Red Plaid: 30" Diameter x 38" H - 31 lbs
  • Size Red Stripe: 24" Diameter x 29" H - 21 lbs
  • Size Black Stripe: 27" Diameter x 34" H - 27 lbs

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