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Personalized 3D Face Chocolate Egg

Personalized 3D Face Chocolate Egg

Personalized 3D Face Chocolate Egg

If you've always wanted to be an egghead, well now you can at least put your face on an egg, minus the smarts, with this cool new Personalized Chocolate Egg. Just send in two photos of your face or even someone else's (front and profile views) and chocolatiers model and 3D print the face onto a single-origin Peruvian chocolate egg using a food-safe chocolate printer. Did you know that chocolate printers now exist? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, these fun yet slightly disturbing chocolate eggs are perfect for giving on Easter, but may leave the recipient wondering how a chicken laid a chocolate egg with their face on it... or does the Easter Bunny lay chocolate eggs? Is this how Humpty Dumpty got created? None of this makes any sense.

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