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Etna - Volcanic Floor Standing Candle Holders

Etna - Volcanic Floor Standing Candle Holders

Etna - Volcanic Floor Standing Candle Holders

These cool new Etna Candle Holders are large floor standing candle holders inspired by lava-spewing volcanoes, minus the actual explosive eruption of lava, ash, and toxic fumes of course. These unique volcanic candle holders are crafted from solid pine wood with a conical shape and a colorful lava flow design at the peak where a protective glass cup sits in the vent to hold a flickering candle or tea light. They're available in a set of three sizes or individually in a variety of colors, including lava red.

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  • A collection of large standing wooden candle holders, ideal to give a touch of light and color to any environment
  • Simple and clean lines come from a conical shape made of solid wood
  • Inspired by the beauty of an erupting volcano - colors evoke the lava flows that go down the slope and loses consistency as it descends
  • Touch of color highlights the natural tones of the wood thanks to its degradation in its translucence
  • Made of solid pine with a touch of color
  • Tealights or candles up to 2.3"
  • Glass cup protector between candle and wood
  • Colors: black, green, yellow, blue, red, white
  • Available individually or as a set of three
  • Medium: 4.7" Diameter x 32" H
  • Large: 6" Diameter x 38.2" H
  • Extra Large: 6" Diameter x 47" H

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