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Creepy Spinal Column Candleholder

Creepy Spinal Column Candleholder

Creepy Spinal Column Candleholder

Do you remember those really creepy spine candles in the astronomy tower scene in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? Well, if you've always wished you could have something similar, there's no longer a need to magically travel all the way to Diagon Alley or the over-priced Hogwarts gift shop, because you can simply head over to Etsy and check out these cool new Spinal Column Candleholders instead. These spooky 3D-printed spinal column candleholders are designed to work with a tea light placed on the top vertebra, but you can also perform the Lumos spell with your wand in a pinch. Perfect for adding some spine-chilling flickering ambiance to your haunted home this Halloween season or just anytime if you're a wizard or chiropractor.

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