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Lunar Surface Wall Sculpture

Lunar Surface Wall Sculpture

Lunar Surface Wall Sculpture

When you look up at the moon in the night sky and dream of walking on its surface one day, well that's probably not going to happen for you anytime soon. However, you can now get a much, much closer look at it, without a telescope, when you display this Lunar Surface Wall Sculpture. This sculptural 3D replica of a small topographical section of the dark side of the moon's cratered surface was created using data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This highly detailed and accurate concrete imprint of the lunar surface is perfect for hanging on the wall like fine art and looks even better when properly lit to truly showcase the dips, shadows, and intricate texture. It also makes a unique gift.

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  • An out-of-this world topographical imprint replica from the dark side of the moon
  • Add a celestial sculpture to your space with this replica of the moon's topography
  • Developed using data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
  • Commemorate the Apollo 11 mission and humanity's first steps on the moon's surface with a 3D topographical replica
  • To best show the unique beauty of every impact crater, light each piece parallel to the main surface to highlight the dips and shadows of intricate texture
  • Light with ceiling light for when the large piece is hung on a wall.
  • Materials: concrete, aluminium
  • Size: 8.27" H x 8.27" W x 1.97" D

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