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Life-Size Ghostbusters Terror Dog Bust

Life-Size Ghostbusters Terror Dog Bust

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If you appreciate fine art, like the Life-size Vigo The Carpathian Painting, then you will definitely want to check out this cool new yet quite 1980s Life-Size Ghostbusters Terror Dog Bust. Yep, now you can pretend like you busted a Terror Dog on your own when you hang it's decapitated head proudly on your wall. This terrifying bust of a Terror Dog from Ghostbusters is molded directly from the screen-used puppet, has eerie glowing red eyes, and includes two sets of horns to depict either Vinz Clortho the Keymaster or Zuul the Gatekeeper... Hmm, hopefully it never cracks open and reveals the head of either Louis Tully or Dana Barrett inside! Full-Sized Terror Dog also available.

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