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Ghostbusters Terror Dog Life-Size Replica

Ghostbusters Terror Dog Life-Size Replica

Okay, who brought the dog? - Louis Tully (Ghostbusters)

I'm not sure if this cool new yet very 1980s Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica is Zuul the Gatekeeper or Vinz Clortho the Keymaster, but I do know that it will make quite a unique decorative statement in your haunted home, especially when terrorizing guests at parties. This huge life-sized demonic hellhound / loyal minion of Gozer the Gozerian doesn't have any possessed humans inside, but does have sinister glowing red eyes and a highly detailed body made of latex and foam. Perfect for Halloween, endless pranks, Ghostbusters fans, or elaborate Gozer summoning rituals. Check out the video clips above in case you forget how cool these evil dogs were pre-CGI and the awful remake.

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