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Minimalist Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Minimalist Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Minimalist Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, no matter whether you're limited on space, want to decorate a guest room or office, dread fluffing out the endless flattened branches of an artificial tree, or are just tired of cutting down a perfectly good tree, dragging it into your home, letting it dry out and die, and sending it off to a landfill, then check out this cool new Wall Hanging Christmas Tree. This unique space-saving Christmas tree is the minimalist way to celebrate the holidays. Just hang the top section of this realistic looking pine and eucalyptus Christmas tree on a wall by the loop, drop down the rest of the sections that are pre-connected with transparent monofilament line, fluff them up a bit for a full look, and then add your favorite ornaments (or none at all for a natural look). So much easier... especially when it comes time to take it back down and store it.

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  • Christmas tree that hangs on a wall
  • Ultimate space-saving tree
  • Save space and spruce up your holiday decor in the guest room, entryway, or any area where floor space is at a premium
  • An updated, unique alternative perfect everywhere from city apartments to cottages to spacious homes
  • Great option if you no longer wish to display a standard, full-sized tree, or for use as a second tree
  • Styling tip: place a basket underneath with presents or blankets as a "trunk"
  • Six sections are pre-connected with transparent monofilament line
  • Dimensional, realistic foliage
  • Realistic mix of pine and eucalyptus, crafted from polyester/plastic
  • Hang by the convenient top loop, fluff and style for a full look, enjoy
  • Hangs in one easy step
  • Decorate, light, or leave natural
  • Size: 40" W x 9" D x 45" H - 2 lbs

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