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Modular Circle Wall Trellis

Modular Circle Wall Trellis

Modular Circle Wall Trellis

If you love growing vining plants and flowers on traditional trellises but wish they had a bit more of a creative reach, then check out these cool new Modular Circle Wall Trellises. This unique modular trellis system consists of three different sections that can be arranged any way you wish on walls, around windows, over doors, and more. Multiple sets can also be combined for larger spaces. They feature circular bubbles to attract vines in the planting season, yet look sculpturally decorative when not in use, are constructed from matte black, powder-coated steel, and include mounting brackets that hold the trellis 2 inches away from the wall for proper air circulation. Definitely, the more interesting way to grow flowering vines and ivy this spring or even sweet peas and string beans.

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