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Pre-Seeded Roll Out Sunflower Mat

Pre-Seeded Roll Out Sunflower Mat

Pre-Seeded Roll Out Sunflower Mat

Sunflowers are cool. Not only are they massively majestic in height, have a bright, giant bloom, and produce tasty seeds, they also exhibit heliotropism, meaning they actually track the sun's movement through the day from East to West (only a little creepy). Well, now you can grow a whole patch of them with ease with this cool new Pre-Seeded Roll Out Sunflower Mat. Just roll out this pre-seeded mat over soil, water it, and in just 15-30 days a little wall of these beautiful flowers will start growing upwards to heights of over 10 feet tall, always staring at the sun... and maybe even you when you turn your back on them.

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  • Grow a 10' patch of cheery sunflowers
  • Roll out this pad on the soil, water and watch them grow
  • Contains more than 500 seeds that you don't have to tediously plant by hand
  • Impossible to overwater this patch
  • Germination occurs in 15 - 30 days
  • Size: 10' L x 10" W

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