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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter

Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter

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After the human race implodes on itself through selfies, World War III, or a combination of the two, eventually nature will once again overtake the mess we left behind and the cooling towers of nuclear power plants that somehow survived the meltdowns across the globe will look like massive flower planters in a few hundred years. Well, if you can't wait for the wasteland of the apocalypse to emerge with morbidly beautiful scenes like this, then you can experience it now when you plant your flowers, herbs, and plants inside this cool new Nuclear Concrete Planter from designer Bertrand Jayr. These nuclear inspired planters are constructed from concrete, can be used indoors or out, and come in four different sizes. They don't include a self-watering cooling pond or leaking radiation, so you'll have to water and fertilize the plants yourself until the very end.

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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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Nuclear Cooling Tower Concrete Planter
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