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Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse

Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse

Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse

This cool new Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse, designed by French artist Frederic Levesque, dares birds to make a home in the mouth of their mortal enemy... a cat. This funny birdhouse is sculpted in the shape of a hungry feline's head, with it's mouth open wide and a tongue extended out like a red carpet invitation. It's constructed of quality designer resin, is easily mounted on a tree, wall, fence, or doghouse, and will probably give your actual house cat some ideas as it watches the birds outside fall for this trick from the window.

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  • Designed by French artist Frederic Levesque
  • It takes a brave bird to approach the piercing green eyes and deceptive welcome mat tongue of this tongue-in-cheek sculptural cat birdhouse
  • Humorously sculpted, quality designer resin sculpture
  • Easily mounted on a tree, wall or fence
  • Bird not included
  • Size: 11" W x 9" D x 9" H - 2 lbs

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