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Illuminated Metal Whale Side Table

Illuminated Metal Whale Side Table

Illuminated Metal Whale Side Table

This cool new Metal Whale Side Table is a whimsical yet sculptural metal outdoor end table shaped like a little whale that illuminates from within at night through hand-punched holes and slits. It's strong enough to sit on, is handcrafted from reclaimed metal, and weathered in a copper-colored finish. Perfect for setting down drinks on while reading Moby Dick or another nautical tale of adventure this summer.

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  • A whale of a side table
  • Sturdy enough to sit on and makes the perfect place to rest a drink and some snacks
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed metal
  • Weathered, copper-colored finish
  • Internal LEDs shine through hand-punched holes and slits
  • Requires three AA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 37"L x 14"W x 12"H

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