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Iceberg Side Table

Iceberg Side Table

Iceberg Side Table

If climate change continues on its course, we may not see many icebergs in the future nor the ice caps for that matter. Hopefully, we'll either get our act together and start treating this planet with respect and try to heal the damage we've all done or it's simply too late and our civilization brings on its own extinction... hmm, or maybe everything melts and it suddenly brings on unexpected awesomeness and it turns out to be great!? Who knows what the future may bring, but at least you can enjoy gazing upon an iceberg of your very own that will never melt with this cool new Iceberg Table from French design studio Harow. This stunning sculptural table / stool is meticulously crafted from fiberglass and resin to depict an iceberg half submerged underwater. Just like the real thing, there are only a very few of these left (8 to be exact) and once they're gone... they're gone. Sad polar bear not included.

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