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Sisyphus - Tilted Toilet Paper Shelf Inspired By Greek Mythology

Sisyphus - Tilted Toilet Paper Shelf Inspired By Greek Mythology

Sisyphus - Tilted Toilet Paper Shelf Inspired By Greek Mythology

Right now you're probably sitting on the can reading yet another amazing post here on the Green Head, but this time you're going to get some Greek Mythology mixed in with all the stunning, in-depth cool stuff reporting. Have you ever heard of the Greek myth about the overly tricky King Sisyphus? He was the one who got sentenced by Zeus to roll a giant boulder up a hill forever and ever in Hades. Yep, he's still down there rolling away. Anyways, this cool new Sisyphus - Toilet Paper Shelf is based on this fun myth, except this time poor King Sisyphus will be forever rolling toilet paper rolls up a tilted shelf in your bathroom for all of eternity, which may or may not be worse than Hades. Isn't learning fun?

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  • Add a bit of humor and myth to your bathroom
  • The Greek King was sentenced to roll up the hill a giant stone over and over again
  • Sisyphus shelf can rack up to 6 or 10 toilet paper rolls in different arrangement
  • These will always roll down in the direction of Sisyphus' hands, safely kept
  • It's an uphill battle from here on out
  • By depicting Sisyphus' struggle, this unique diagonal toilet paper shelf reminds us all there are consequences to our actions
  • Sit and think awhile as you contemplate the meaning of life on your porcelain throne
  • Made of Aluminum with a grey coating finish to ensure style and durability
  • May be mounted at any angle between 7-30 degrees to keep rolls in place
  • Great for Greek Mythology lovers
  • Size: 9.7" x 4" x 4"

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