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LED Word Clock - Displays Time As Text

LED Word Clock - Displays Time As Text

LED Word Clock - Displays Time As Text

The cool new LED Word Clock does away with the digital numbers and the analog minute and hour hands and uses highlighted words to display the time. This unique and decorative text-based clock hangs on the wall or sits upright on its built-in stand and gives the time in five minute increments like 9:45 would be displayed as It is a Quarter to Ten. Perfect for the home, office, or anyplace you want to easily read the time in a fun way.

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  • LED Word Clock shows the current time as words in bright white LED light
  • At 10:50 the LED clock would say it is ten minutes to eleven
  • At 6:25 it would say It is twenty-five minutes past six
  • Time is displayed as text in five minute intervals
  • Wall mount or desktop with built-in stand
  • Easy to set, easy to read
  • Includes AC adapter
  • Size: 8" x 8"

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