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T-Rex Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Replica

T-Rex Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Replica

T-Rex Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Replica

There's no need to time travel back 65 million years to see the massive footprint of a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping through a muddy prehistoric landscape, just hang up this cool new yet quite ancient-inspired T-Rex Dinosaur Footprint Fossil Replica on your wall instead. While this gigantic dinosaur footprint may look like it's been forever preserved in fossilized stone, it's actually hand-carved by theme prop artist Richard Riley from dense foam and then hand-painted and -stained to achieve a realistic one-of-a-kind weathered stone look. Makes a cool addition to any den, man cave, home theater, museum, and more and makes a perfect gift for paleontologists, archeologists, geologists, and dinosaur movie lovers alike.

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  • Hand-carved sculpture by theme prop artist Richard Riley
  • T-rex footprint wall art sculpture
  • Made to look like a realistic Tyrannosaurus dinosaur footprint fossilized in stone
  • Bring some dino-decor to your home with this incredibly unique sculptural wall art piece
  • Hand-shaped in rigid dense foam and then hand textured and durably coated with an acrylic monomer
  • Hand-painted and stained for a realistic aged stone look
  • Each piece is made entirely by hand and will vary slightly, making each a one of a kind

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