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Curling Taper Candles

Curling Taper Candles

These cool new Curling Taper Candles from makers Bart and Meg Sobieszczanski melt in a unique way by curling down the sides to create a sculptural effect. Each candle is hand-poured in Chicago, IL and come in sets of two in either black and white or aqua and white.


  • Handcrafted by makers Bart and Meg Sobieszczanski
  • Set of 2 curling taper candles
  • As they melt, the wax curls down the sides, forming delicate flourishes for a sculptural effect
  • Colors: black and white or breezy aqua and white
  • Hand-poured with the colors softly blended together
  • Materials: paraffin wax
  • Handmade in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Size: 1.25" L x.375" W x 16.25" H

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