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Glacier Project Candles

Glacier Project Candles

Glacier Project Candles

As if you weren't already starting to get nervous enough about climate change, now you can dwell on it a little more when you light up these cool new Glacier Project Candles from designer Brynjar Siguroarson and watch them slowly melt away. Each candle is crafted in Spain from ice blue / turquoise wax and looks like a mini glacier. If you want to preserve these sculptural candles and enjoy them well into the future, simply don't light them.

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  • Designer: Brynjar Siguroarson
  • Series of candles crafted to look like little glaciers
  • A subtle commentary on the issue of global warming
  • When lit, they melt and disappear just like the precious ice forms
  • Reminds us that preservation of the environment is in our hands
  • Look great as little sculptural pieces for your home
  • Material: beautiful ice blue / turquoise wax
  • Made in Spain
  • Various sizes

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