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Beeswax Cherry Birthday Candles

Beeswax Cherry Birthday Candles

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Nothing makes a cake or cupcake look less appetizing than a boring, miniature stick of wax poking up out of it. So upgrade your yawn-inducing birthday candles to something more exciting, like these cool new Beeswax Cherry Birthday Candles from Happy Organics. While these double-take-inducing birthday candles may look like real cherries when placed on top of a cake, they'll actually look more like cherry bombs once their green stem-like wicks are lit. Not to worry though, because these cherry-shaped candles are handmade in the USA from unscented beeswax collected by third-generation beekeepers in California.

These tasty-looking, non-edible candles are molded from real cherries, have cotton wicks, and come in whimsical grocery store-style packaging. They can be placed on birthday cakes, cupcakes, or just lit for fun, but I would probably advise against placing them on a cherry pie or a cherries jubilee just to avoid total confusion. Hmm, the only thing I would change about these candles would be to make them cherry-scented, obviously, and give them sparking, fuse-like wicks to bring a little more tension to the room before being blown out after making a wish. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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