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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture

Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture

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If you like watching little butterflies flap around your yard during the day, then you're going to love watching this cool new Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture at night. This stunning sculptural butterfly has large wings on springs that allow them to gently flap in the wind and solar-powered neon lighting throughout to add a brilliant illuminated splash of color to your yard after dark. It's constructed from outdoor-safe, weather-resistant iron, collects the sun's rays during the day via a staked solar panel, and makes the perfect addition to your garden, butterfly garden, patio, front porch, pathway, or anywhere else a giant lit-up moving butterfly would be sure to impress. Check out the video below to see it in action. 🦋

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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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Illuminated Neon Butterfly Solar Garden Sculpture
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