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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable

6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable

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You tend to see a lot of inflatable snowmen on front lawns during the holiday season, but have you ever seen one out there shivering in the cold? This cool new and quite freezing cold Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable stands 6 ft tall, illuminates from within at night, and realistically shakes and shivers in the frigid cold winter weather. It features a classic top hat, festive green scarf, and a sign to let you know it's really cold. Just plug it in to activate the built-in fan, secure it down with the included stakes and tethers, and enjoy watching it be the only snowman outside not enjoying the winter wonderland around it. Hmm, this would also be funny in the house as well, because maybe warm weather is like cold weather to a snowman? Check out the video below to see it in action!

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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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6 Ft Animated Shivering Snowman Inflatable
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