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Fold-A-Cart Pro 400 - Multi-Purpose Folding Wheelbarrow

Fold-A-Cart Pro 400 - Multi-Purpose Folding Wheelbarrow

Fold-A-Cart Pro 400 - Multi-Purpose Folding Wheelbarrow

Most of us wished we had access to a full blown wheelbarrow for those occasional yard projects that pop up from time to time, but just don't have the space to store one. The cool new Fold-A-Cart Pro 400 is a heavy-duty multi-purpose utility cart that has the durability and strength of a wheelbarrow, but has a balanced design that is easier to lift and maneuver and quickly folds down for storage when not in use.

The Fold-A-Cart Pro 400 features a non-stick Flextron tub with 9 cubic feet of space, is tear, puncture and UV resistant and can haul a maximum 400 lb. payload capacity. It's perfect for seasonal yard cleanup, transporting gardening equipment, hauling rocks, sand and soil or just for any time you need to move heavy stuff around. When you're finished, it easily collapses down to 20% of its opened size and can be hung up using its built-in wall hanging bracket. Great solution for homeowners, landscapers, construction sites and more.

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  • Versatile, heavy-duty multi-purpose cart
  • Folds down to 20% of opened size for easy storage
  • Durable non-stick Flextron tub - Tear, puncture and UV resistant
  • 400 lb. payload capacity - 9 cubic feet of space
  • Balanced design handles payloads with ease
  • Flat bottom tub makes hauling easier
  • Powder-coated steel frame, pneumatic tires
  • Handy wall hanging bracket
  • Open Size: 5" L x 26" W x 13" H
  • Closed Size: 45" L x 26" W x 13" H

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