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Rolling Leaf Sweeper

Rolling Leaf Sweeper

Rolling Leaf Sweeper

Sure the Bear Claw Leaf Scoops make tricking your kids into picking up a pile of leaves easier, but who has to make the pile of leaves? Well, instead of a pile, you could just run a ridiculously noisy leaf blower all afternoon and blow them all into your idiot neighbor's yard (they always seem to blow back though) or just rake them up yourself. No, no, no, there's a better way to collect all those leaves with the cool new Rolling Leaf Sweeper. It's just like taking a nice autumn stroll.

This unique new adjustable height lawn sweeper runs quickly and quietly and picks up leaves from your lawn, driveway or other paths with a 26" swath and deposits them into 7 cubic foot collection bag. When the bag is full, simply roll it on over to your eager, but naive bear-claw scooped children to finish up the job. You'll never break a sweat and your yard will be relatively leaf free in no time.

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