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Bamboo Skeleton Wind Chimes

Bamboo Skeleton Wind Chimes

Bamboo Skeleton Wind Chimes

You know it's Fall when you can feel the crisp, cool air, smell the burning bonfires, see the beautiful color leaves and hear the eerie sounds of clattering bones coming from this Bamboo Skeleton Wind Chime. The bones of this skeletal chime are made from bamboo and as the wind blows, they bump and rattle against one another in a gentle and relaxing rhythm. It's a great decorative accent for Halloween and sure to send chills up the spines of trick-or-treaters, but at night, when everyone's fast asleep, this creepy instrument of nature joins in with a symphony of terror as skeletons and rotting corpses rise from their graves to perform the legendary dance of death right on your front lawn! In the off season, just keep the skeleton in your closet.

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