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Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue

Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue

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This Halloween, greet the trick-or-treaters in a terrifying yet friendly kind of way by placing this cool new Animated Yard Skeleton on the front lawn. While this gigantic 8 foot tall skeleton statue doesn't quite reach the extreme heights of the nearly impossible to get 12 Foot Skeleton Statue from Home Depot, it makes up for it by having a jaw that moves while it speaks a variety of spooky sayings and creepy LED eyes that look around as soon as someone triggers the motion sensor. It can be placed indoors or outdoors (365 days a year if you dress it up in seasonal / holiday clothing) and includes ground stakes to keep it from blowing over (or walking off). Check out the video below to see it in action... if you dare! 💀

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Black Cat Halloween Candy Bowl
this whimsical yet frightfully festive Halloween candy bowl is shaped like the head of a huge black cat with its fanged mouth opened wide to hold candy, nuts, bird seed, or whatever you wish to place inside. What else can I say really? It's an adorable cat head bowl!
Inflatable Kangaroo Costume
This oversized inflatable Halloween costume depicts you as a baby joey inside the pouch of a massive kangaroo. Just slip it on, turn on the fan to keep it inflated, and hop around the party.
Scooby-Doo Vampire Plush Door Greeter
A Scrappy Doo-sized plush of the famous cartoon mystery-solving dog, Scooby Doo, who's dressed up as a vampire complete with a cape and fangs.
Scary Wall-Mounted Reaching Hands
These creepy 3D-printed hands mount on a wall or ceiling to create the illusion of spectral hands reaching through their ghostly dimension over to our side.
Ghost and Pumpkin Halloween Pathway Lanterns
This Halloween, illuminate a path to your front door for the trick-or-treaters or even the patio for your Halloween party with these cool new Ghost and Pumpkin Halloween Pathway Lanterns.
3D-Printed Pumpkin Spice Latte Pumpkin Bombs
Drop one of these 3D-printed pumpkin bombs into a cup of coffee to release spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and more, and then stir in hot milk.
Pre-Lit Black Dahlia Halloween Wreath
Decorate and illuminate the entryway to your haunted house in spooky style with this elegant yet eerie pre-lit wreath adorned with blossoming black dahlias, magnolias, dark needs, and twigs.
Illuminated Jack O' Lantern Scarecrow Ground Stake
This Halloween, add a frightful and imposing presence to your haunted home's spooky outdoor decor with this Illuminated Jack O' Lantern Scarecrow Ground Stake.
Bleeding Taper Candles
They may look like ordinary white candles at first glance, but the wax turns blood red as it slowly oozes and drips down.

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Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
Normally, you wouldn't try to wash out blood or anything else with more blood, but it's not a problem with this cool new, cherry-scented Blood Bath shower gel.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
After a long day of fighting the Empire, using the restrooms in Jabba the Hutt's palace, blasting bounty hunters under the table, swimming in the swamps of Dagobah, or just handling Ewoks, your hands can get mighty grimy, so wash up with a bar of this cool new Han Solo in Carbonite Soap.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
This natural, lavender-scented charcoal and shea-butter soap not only helps to remove impurities and rejuvenate your skin, it adds a unique, decorative touch to your bathroom as well!
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
Suspends a bar of soap in mid-air to not only extend the life of the soap, but also to prevent the nasty soap scum that builds up in the bottom of a soap dish.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
A slip-free, fast-drying cold process soap shaped like a concrete tetrapod structure that's used to dissipate incoming waves along coastlines.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
SquidSoap is an ingenious new soap dispenser that teaches and trains kids how to wash their hands properly. When they push down on the dispenser to pump out the soap, it leaves a little red ink spot on their hand that only comes off after the doctor recommended time of 15-20 seconds of scrubbing their hands under the water.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
This typical little squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer gel with aloe vera is completely real, except this funny prank version smells like total ass when it's applied to the hands.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
After working hard with your hands, wash away all that stubborn grime and grit with this rugged, badass soap that smells like gasoline, motor oil, and exhaust.
Giant 8 Foot Animated Talking Skeleton Statue
This genuine Ball mason jar's screw-on canning lid has been integrated with a pump allowing it to dispense everything from ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and other condiments to soaps and lotions as well.

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