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Kikkerland Magnetic Soap Holder

Kikkerland Magnetic Soap Holder

Kikkerland Magnetic Soap Holder

If you still prefer an old-fashioned bar of soap, the cool new Kikkerland Magnetic Soap Holder will help prevent messy soap build-up on your counter and extend the life of the soap by keeping it dry, all through the amazing power of magnetism. Just stick the suction cupped aluminum soap holder to a mirror or other smooth surface, insert the included round metal disc into any bar of soap and then attach to the magnet. A unique solution, but liquid soap is pretty cool too.

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  • Aluminum magnetic soap holder holds soap in place
  • To use, insert the round disc into the soap and then attach to the magnet in the holder
  • Suction cup end attaches to mirror, glass, tile or other smooth surface
  • Soap dries out between uses and extends the lifespan of the soap
  • No more messy soap build-up on counter
  • Size: 2.5" x 1.75" Diamter

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