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Otetepon Push Stamp - Hand Washing Training Tool for Children

Otetepon Push Stamp - Hand Washing Training Tool for Children

Otetepon Push Stamp - Hand Washing Training Tool for Children

No matter whether or not there's a raging pandemic going on, the cold / flu season has started, or it's just another old-fashioned, normal day where germs, bacteria, viruses, and other nasties come into contact with our hands, washing those hands properly is always going to be an effective way to fight back. Thankfully, adults are being taught for the first time on proper hand washing techniques using soap and water by obnoxious attention-seeking celebrities online and fear-mongering cable news anchors on tv, so we're pretty much well educated on the matter now, but I don't think little kids fully grasp the importance of washing their hands just yet. There's an ingenious new solution though.

This cool new Otetepon Push Stamp from Japan is a unique hand washing training tool for children that stamps their hands with a harmless food color ink that looks like a little germ monster, which can then only be removed by scrubbing their hands with soap and water for approximately 30 seconds. This convenient visual aid is a great way for them to learn that quick rinses alone will not remove the nasty germs from their hands and they might just have some fun doing it at the same time. It's self-inking, so all you have to do is push it onto their hands, is good for up to 1000 stamps, and comes in either a blue or pink germ monster. Hmm, maybe everybody needs to be using these right now just in case?

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  • Otetepon Push Stamp for Washing Hands
  • Designer: Shachihata, a company identified with push stamps in Japan
  • A smart and fun way to turn hand washing into a game and make your young ones (or you) scrub their hands better to get rid of the bad germ and the ink stamp
  • Hygiene training tool for children/kids/adults
  • Just stamp your children's hands with a picture of a monster-like germ
  • Self-inking stamp made with perfectly harmless food color ink
  • To rub it off, children will have to scrub for a while to teach them that when washing hands, rinsing alone isn't good enough
  • Takes approx. 30 seconds to wash off the ink
  • Available in two colors, blue or pink
  • Good for 1,000 stamps
  • Made in Japan

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