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C-Pump - Back-of-the-Hand Hygienic Soap Dispenser

C-Pump - Back-of-the-Hand Hygienic Soap Dispenser

After handling raw meat and poultry, jalapenos, dirt, things and areas in the bathroom, zombie viruses, or any other gross thing you wouldn't want to spread around, wash your hands with soap dispensed from this cool new Joseph Joseph C-Pump Soap Dispenser. Rather than getting something nasty all over the pump when using a traditional liquid soap bottle, this innovative one lets you use the back of your hand to press down and dispense in a more hygienic manner. It features a nonslip base to make it easier to use one-handed, a handy soap-level indicator window on the reverse side, and a wide-opening for easy refills. Yes, I know you're going to wash your hands either way, but I'd still rather avoid touching a prior hand-washer's reason for washing them, plus this one looks cooler.

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