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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan

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At your next sporting event soiree, like a super "Big Game" party, put out a large snack bowl / Bundt cake in the shape of a football stadium using this cool new Nordic Ware Pro Cast Stadium Pan. Yep, now you can bake a Bundt cake in the shape of an edible bowl-sized open air sports arena that holds chips, candy, and other snacks for your guests. Once baked, the stadium cake can then be personalized with team colors, mini flags, tiny candy spectators, and more. It's made in the USA from cast aluminum and has an easy-relase nonstick finish. Hmm, I guess you make a wobbly jello stadium in this thing too. Also great for futbol/soccer/⚽️ too!

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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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Nordic Ware Sports Stadium Bundt Cake Pan
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