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Munchstache - Mustache Cookie Cutters

Munchstache - Mustache Cookie Cutters

Munchstache - Mustache Cookie Cutters

Mustaches normally aren't very tasty, but that was before these cool new Munchstache - Mustache Cookie Cutters. Just roll out your favorite cookie dough, stamp it with an Imperial, Baron, Bristle Brush, Woolford, or Walrus munchtache cookie cutter, flip over to stamp in the whisker details and bake. If you want to get a little more creative, pre-soak some toothpicks, and then insert into the bottom while baking to create little mustache cookie disguises. A funny, weird and unique way to make well-groomed cookies.

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  • There's no need to grow a mustache
  • Just use these cutters to create the perfect look
  • One side cuts the shape and the other stamps the details
  • Five assorted styles in each set, molded from durable, food-safe plastic and packed in a reusable storage tray
  • Versions: Imperial, Baron, Bristle Brush, Woolford, Walrus

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