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Boska Pizza Party Hot Stone

Boska Pizza Party Hot Stone

Boska Pizza Party Hot Stone

This cool new Boska Pizza Party Hot Stone not only lets you bake up crispy brick oven style pizzas at home, it also helps keep the pizza piping hot for hours when served up to your pizza party guests on the included cast iron base with warming tealights beneath. The pizza stone itself is made from unglazed cordierite that absorbs humidity for extra crispy crusts and has a protruded ridge to prevent the pizza from accidentally sliding off. It works with either homemade or frozen pizzas, works in the oven or on the BBQ grill, and can also be used to heat and serve appetizers and other party foods as well. 🍕😋

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  • With the Pizza Party Hot Stone you can bake and serve crispy, brick-oven-quality pizzas
  • Make delicious brick oven quality pizzas with the pizza stone
  • Place the cast-iron base on the table and the tealights will keep your pizza warm for hours
  • Crispy Crust: The cordierite of the pizza stone absorbs humidity, preventing soggy pizzas
  • The stone absorbs humidity, which produces crispy crusts. Just like in a real pizzeria.
  • Stone has a protruding ridge on the back, which prevents the pizza from accidentally sliding off the stone
  • Simply rinse the pizza stone with warm water after use to clean
  • Great for both homemade and frozen pizzas
  • Suitable for BBQ grill and oven
  • Perfect for pizza parties
  • Includes: pizza stone, cast-iron base, tealights, recipes, and manual
  • Size: 13.8" x 13.8" x 3.15"

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