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The Petite Pizzeria

The Petite Pizzeria

The Petite Pizzeria

Want to make gourmet pizzas at home in about five minutes rather than wait for delivery or settle for another frozen pizza? Then check out this cool new Petite Pizzeria. This all-in-one pizza oven comes with everything you need, minus the ingredients, to bake up tasty, homemade pizzas with crispy, golden crusts and bubbling hot cheese. It heats up to over 600 degrees using dual W-shaped heating elements and lets you bake up a 12" pizza as thin as you like on a ceramic pizza stone or even Chicago-style using the included nonstick deep-dish pizza. It even includes wooden paddles. Wow, I just got really, really hungry...

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  • Bake a crispy, 12" crust as thin as you’d like on the ceramic pizza stone or use the nonstick deep-dish pizza pan
  • Pizza oven heats to over 600°F quickly and cooks a perfectly crisp pizza in as few as five minutes
  • Dual W-shaped heating elements and convenient heat-control dial
  • Includes: Pizza oven, ceramic pizza stone, nonstick deep-dish pizza pan and wooden paddles
  • Ideal for either fresh or frozen pizza crusts
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Material: Ceramic, nonstick coating and metal
  • Care: Hand wash ceramic stone and nonstick pizza pan
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Size: 6" product height - 12" cooking-surface diameter

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