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CHEFS Cheese Melting Domes

CHEFS Cheese Melting Domes

CHEFS Cheese Melting Domes

Just like at a restaurant, use this cool new CHEFS Cheese Melting Dome at home to perfectly melt cheese on burgers, infuse more grilled flavor into foods, cook sunnyside up eggs with ease, reduce grill flare-ups, prevent greasy splatters, and generally speed up cooking times. Once placed down over foods, this professional quality stainless steel dome helps to capture and concentrate heat from the grill or it can even be used as cover over baking dishes in the oven. Great multi-purpose grilling solution. Available in 9" or 13" domes.

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  • Captures heat to melt cheese quickly and evenly
  • Infuses more grilled flavor into hamburgers
  • Decreases cooking time and reduces grill flare-ups
  • Speeds cooking time of grilled cheese sandwiches on a stove top
  • Ideal pan cover for sauteing foods
  • High-dome cover is also ideal to cover a baking dish or oven-safe bowl and roast garlic, onion, apple or pear
  • Rolled rim rests flat on oven or grill grate
  • Easy-grip handle

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