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Transylvanian Cave Cheese - Soaked in Red Wine!

Transylvanian Cave Cheese - Soaked in Red Wine!

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During the next violent thunderstorm, fire up the candle in your jack o' lantern, open up a bottle of Vampire Wine, put on a terrifying horror movie, and sink your fangs into this cool new Transylvanian Cave Cheese. This October (2019), head on over to your local ALDI grocery store and pick up this vampire-themed hard cheese that is aged in an actual salt cave in Romania / Transylvania and then soaked in red wine. Just gaze upon that glorious label depicting a spooky bat-filled cave, an ancient alter, flickering candles, and splashes of dripping blood... It's quite dramatic as far as cheese packaging goes, which makes it perfect for serving up at Halloween parties to all your friends and fiends. Now if anyone takes a bite and transforms into a bloodthirsty vampire... run!

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