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Fondoodler - Hot Glue Gun For Cheese

Fondoodler - Hot Glue Gun For Cheese

Fondoodler - Hot Glue Gun For Cheese

Forget cheese in a can or whatever it actually is, because if you really want to experience more extra excitement when eating cheese, then get crafty with this cool new Fondoodler. This is more or less a hot glue gun for cheese that lets you squeeze the trigger to dispense melted cheese anyway you wish. Squeeze a little on nachos, tacos, and more, draw with it, write a cursive message, doodle designs on a hamburger, use as a cement to hold a cracker castle together or even make a pretzel log cabin. The possibilities are endless. To use, just fill with your favorite string cheese stick, shredded cheese, or you can even use chocolate chips, give it a few minutes to warm up, and begin your journey into amazing world of melted cheese artistry. Makes a fun gift.

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  • Quite simply a hot glue gun for cheese
  • Just pop cheese in and watch it turn into melty goodness
  • Build with it. Write with it. Cook with it.
  • All three parts exposed to cheese are removable and dishwasher safe
  • Start doodling in less than 3 minutes out of the box
  • It's hot cheese. Do with it whatever you please

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