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Bounty Paper Towels Forever Roll

Bounty Paper Towels Forever Roll

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If you thought that the Charmin Toilet Paper Forever Roll changed life in the bathroom, then check out this cool new Bounty Paper Towels Forever Roll for the kitchen. If you go through paper towels entirely too fast each month or always seem to be in need of having to change yet another empty roll at the absolute worst of times, then you're going to need a bigger roll... a much, much bigger roll! This impressive Bounty Forever Roll is a massive 11" version of the Quicker Picker Upper with 390 2-ply sheets per roll, which should be just enough for up to one month of use for two people. Sure kitchen countertop space is valuable, but losing a small bit just for the extra convenience and being able to wow your guests with a sure fire conversation starter is sort of worth it.

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